Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sun Ra - Pink Elephants

I've been playing this to my little girl and she absolutely loves this. Woke up this morning and she wanted to hear it so I played it for her. She also really likes Sun Ra's song that goes "If you find earth boring, just the same old same thing, come on sign up with outer spaceways incorperated". Sounds like she is slowly becoming a Sun-Ra fan :-)

I can't remember how I first got to hear 'Pink Elephants on Parade' but probably just from researching. It is definitely one of my favourite Sun Ra tunes. A while back I brought a couple of his albums, one of them was 'The Heliocentric Worlds vol 1'. I did enjoy some of the tracks but did find it difficult to really feel it and connect with it. However after listening to Pink Elephants it helped me to connect with his music when I went back and listened to those albums. I watched the Sun Ra film 'Space is the Place' and the documentary 'Brother From Another Planet' which was produced by Don Letts. Both films are well worth a watch and you can find them easily.

The more I listen to Sun Ra's music, the more I enjoy it. If you like 'Pink Elephants' then definitely check out his and the Arkestra's stuff - do some research around it.

Sun Ra's music feels free. When I hear it, I feel free. There's no limits to it at all.

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