Thursday, 1 November 2012

Remixes by Frankie Knuckles and David Morales

Loose Ends were a UK Soul group from the 80's, they made some very cool music and had nice beats and vibes in their music. One of their hits was 'Hangin on a String' and I was just a little kid when it came out, all I can remember really is 'Magic Touch' which has got some really nice drum sounds. Anyway, Electric Chair (or the people involved with that - based in Manchester) did a compilation and had a Frankie Knuckles remix of the Loose Ends tune, and boy is it an absolute corker. It really switched me on to good quality house music. This remix is absolutely timeless (edit for anyone that checked this earlier: this is the right remix now - trust me it is bliss :-).

Anyway, while I was writing this I also remembered a David Morales remix of a tune by D-Mob and Cathy Dennis:

You know what, when I think of David Morales all I think of is cheesy kind of house like that 'Needin U' tune he did - I know nothing about house by the way (just a few tracks etc.....). I was introduced to a website called Deep House Page ( where they had lots of DJ mixes (check out the Larry Heard ones - they are brilliant!) and there was a mix by a lady called Donna Edwards ( that I checked out and she played this tune which I thought was absolutely unreal. I later found out that it was a remix by David Morales and I was quite shocked to be honest as I was not expecting something like this. The remix is amazing, honestly go and play it.

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