Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Unsung Hero's - Alpha Omega/Nubian Minds/Colin Lindo

Alpha Omega and Nubian Minds (plus more) are aliases of Colin Lindo. In my opinion he is definitely one of the unsung hero's in underground music. He has kickstarted so many labels (i.e. he's had the first release) especially within the Jungle/Drum & Bass world, and I think his music has really added value to labels like Archive, Neroli, 2000 Black, Head2Toe, etc... those labels would not be the same if it wasn't for his music.

So what is it about his music that is so special? I can't pin point it to be honest, but the combination of beats and general vibes really make me think 'This is the SHIT' when I listen to his music. I honestly do not think he gets the credit he deserves for his music. And it really p***es me off when I see other artists getting a lot of respect for what is to my ears sub-standard music.

A few years back he self-released a load of cdr's which contained drum and bass, techno, 'broken beat', house, all kinds of electronic music. Since then I haven't heard of him. However, I just found out today that he has got a sound cloud page: http://soundcloud.com/colinlindo

Check it out! When I get a chance I will try and some video's and other stuff to this post.

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