Monday, 5 November 2012

Record Sleeve: Juan Atkins - Back to Basics part 1

This is the cover for Juan Atkins release on a label called New Religion. The cover looks pretty damn amazing to me! It's by a guy called Alan Oldham who is also a music artists as well as a visual one. He has done lots of good covers. He has done covers for some other releases on New Religion, and he has also done covers for Miss Djax's record labels. The only one I have in my collection is a cover he did for her album. This is one of my favourite of his. I like his style of drawing comics and I like the colours - he's done the figure in black and gold, and the eye outline in red.

I think covers like this really make a difference when buying music especially in a vinyl format. It's too easy to just pop the vinyl in a house sleeve or plain old black one. Especially as these days vinyl is costing even more to buy.

Hope you enjoy.....

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