Sunday, 28 October 2012

Walsall New Art Gallery: Fiona Rae, etc...

Was hanging around with my family in Walsall town and wanted to check out the art gallery. I was in for a total shock! They had Soca band playing, but they had some work in from Fiona Rae - she has a piece at Birmingham art gallery called 'Darkstar' which is the shit.

Anyway, she had some paintings up and it was called: 'Maybe you can live on the moon in the next century'. I wasn't connecting with all of them but I was in love with one called 'Angel', the picture is above. Check her site:

They also had stuff from Damien Hurst, Jodie Carey and Harminder Judge. I sneaked a recording of a Harminder Judge piece but going to find some music to go with it and then i'll post it up. Nice surprises from Walsall New Art Gallery! Go and visit if you can.

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