Thursday, 25 October 2012

Steve Alexander - Float

For anyone that doesn't know Steve Alexander is a drummer that has played around with a lot of the big groups from the 80's (Duran Duran) and some other people. I'm not sure how he got around to releasing this on the legendary Reinforced Records... There is some info on the www, he has got his own website. Also if you like this and can't get hold of the tracks, you can buy them from his bandcamp page:

Interestingly on his bandcamp the EP/mini album comes with 7 tracks, whereas the CD that I have got comes with 5 tracks - so when I get some extra cash I might have to pay the £5 and check out the 7 track mini album.

I chose 'Float' to put up on here because it's one of the stand out tracks on the CD (the other track is 'Colour of Memory' which is also excellent). Lots of TR808 sounds. I would describe this track as Sci-Fi Blues type music. All the tracks on the CD feel like they would sound great in a film like Bladerunner.

When I originally got the CD I have to admit I did not dig the tracks, they just felt like a load of drums with some wishy washy sounds, but when I listened to it again yesterday it felt different - I don't know whether it's because it's Autumn or what? I was thinking that of all the Jungle/D&B labels at the time, this CD could only come out on Reinforced Records, they were the only ones that were exploring ALL the boundaries of the music.

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